About Kristina Lago

Hi, I'm Kristina Lago. I've been playing the ocarina since 2017. Also, I have experience with playing the guitar and piano. When I learned these two instruments I had a private teacher, but I had to learn the ocarina by myself. It wasn’t easy. The information available at that time didn’t follow any type of system. The greatest ocarina theory guide, Serious Ocarina Player by Robert Hickman, didn't exist yet in book form.

I fell in love with the ocarina after the very first sound I’d heard. A couple days later I was holding my first plastic Soprano C, then I started to grow my collection. I also started to save money to visit the world's most famous ocarina event, Budrio ocarina festival in Italy. I looked forward to trying all of the instruments available there to find ‘my sound’. After the festival my attraction to ocarina only increased and I solidified an idea to keep playing it.

Even before the festival, I realized that I look not for visually appealing ocarinas but for good sounding ones. I was seeking an instrument that would work for performance, not just a beautiful ceramic toy. And from playing guitar and piano, I knew that it’s easier to make good progress if your instrument is also good. When you play a bad quality instrument you can’t be sure what is wrong, is it you or your instrument that can’t perform well?

And of course after having good instruments in my hands, I realized that I suck as a player. And there was no one to blame except me.

From the festival, from practicing other musical instruments and from studying my own learning process, I found out how to practice the ocarina more effectively. I use an approach of deliberate practice where I practice not the general skill of playing, but every small part of this skill separately. I’m not the one to judge it, but I think I made great progress since then.

I think this approach of practicing skills separately can also help other people to practice the ocarina in a better, more efficient way. And also I hope that my site will help people to find information about this instrument more easily.