How to Learn a New Piece of Music on the Ocarina

Learning a new piece of music on ocarina can be quite a hard thing to do. At some point, you'll find that you can play quite easily in some places, and you really enjoy when you play them. But in other places, the speed of your playing is close to one note per several seconds, or your intonation there reminds you of a dying owl.

Things like that happened to me all the time when I tried to learn a new melody. I would play it from the beginning to the end every time, starting over if I got stuck. And when I knew that I was close to a place where I had been making a lot of mistakes, I unwillingly felt something tightening in my chest, like I could taste the mistake even before making it. And of course, having this anticipation in me, I made this mistake again. That’s a horrible feeling.

Being really good in some parts of the melody and terrible in others didn’t feel right to me. So I started my research. I found one good article on the old The Ocarina Network forum that explained some strategies of solving it. However, it was mostly focused on fingering. It didn't pay enough attention to sounds, to using the right breath pressure, and intonation. I don’t like this way of thinking about music because it's really one sided, and fingering isn't the only important part of music.

So I reorganized the original list, combining it with my own ideas about better way to master a new piece of music. You also may find it interesting:

Congratulations! You mastered your melody!

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