Practice Journal: The best way to enhance your practice

Tracking your progress is important if you want to improve your skill with playing the ocarina, because it lets you to make sure that you move in the right direction. It’s easy to forget what you are doing in practice, with many things to keep track of.

Setting goals for practice and following them is a proven way to succeed in anything. Practice journal will help you do that. It gives you structured pages so you can track your progress through the time. It also contains some simple theory about how to practice the ocarina.

Practice journal is a convenient tool to hold all your progress in one place:

  • It lets you to set clear goals and see how well you are doing with them.
  • It helps you to stay motivated.
  • It contains lots of quotes about practice and music to keep your motivation high.

All scales and intervals for ocarina in one book

If you want to practice more efficiently, if you want to become a better ocarinist, Interval book is a good place to start. Scales and intervals are the basics — bones of musical art. And if you've mastered basics, the only thing you need to do is to keep practicing to improve your other skills.

This book contains scales and intervals in the range of a single chamber ocarina, so that you don't need to work out how to play them every time. All scales and intervals are here, under one cover.